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<span class="">Alone again I left off at a festival in Almhult Saturday 31/8-13 , alone because no one wanted to come with me .
I was at once glances of my pink wig and also that I was wearing the so-called YOHIOjacket , but it was just fun to get a lot of positive comments and there were some who came to me and asked where I had bought it and then I replied Rakuten :heart:

Inside the festival , I walked around and entertained myself with a lot of entertainment, inclusive so it was a a nice guard who photographed me in the shop where a lot YOHIO things could be bought later, and then what it was concert time, so I stood at the front of I would get a good spot, because I knew YOHIO and Keios Entertainment 's first band , DESAIHA would be there.
So after I waited a good while I saw YOHIOs father , Tommy Rehn the guitarist of Corroded, who arrived on the scene and was fixing stuffs and I said:
Me: "Hi Tommy ! " :heart:
Tommy who recognized me after I've been on three signings previously did Rock n Roll sign at me and winked and I did the same thing.

Then came YOHIO and Fredrik , the bassist from DESAIHA and to my huge surprise was even JENZiiH there! Seremedys ex - bass player who is now YOHIOs hair stylist, was on the scene ( I had expected DESAIHAs guitarist, Marcus would be there ), it was really fun : heart:

I heard Heartbreak Hotel , Our Story , Revolution, You're the one and Sky Limit live and I sang along with YOHIO (unfortunately I did not get chance to get up on stage myself like I did in Horby ) but I sang along with the songs and shouting at YOHIO he was cute, awesome and all the things I usually cry! :heart: I shouted at Fredrik and JENZiiH also :heart:
Then  YOHIO</span><span class=""> asked</span><span class=""> if there were some who would come at one of his concerts in the fall and then it was just me and another hand went up (seems like Almhult was not that worth a great city that supported poor YOHIO) when he said :
YOHIO: "Huh? Only two? There will be a small concert!"
Afterwards it was signing time and while I went to the line I met Tommy again :heart: so I took out my iPhone and asked if I could take pictures of us together and it went well. He was really cool.
Then I just needed to wait for nearly 15 minutes before it was my turn and I got four of my things signed.
Me: Konnichiwa bishounen -san (Japanese for hello beautiful boy)
YOHIO (who recognized me from previous said): Hello! (he was blushing and couldīt look at me cuz I knew what was coming)
Then there was a grumpy guard who did not want me to get my Japanese doubleposter of YOHIO signed but :
The grumpy guard :"No! You cant have this signed!"
YOHIO : Yes, it will be great : heart: Where do you want me to sign?"
I was very happy and then I gave YOHIO a silverbag filled with chocolate (10 Snickers , Twix 10 and 10 Mars bars</span><span class=""></span><span class="">  ) . I had written on the bag in Japanese " YOHIO to DESAIHA sugoi desu " and means " YOHIO and DESAIHA are best."
When I handed it to him I covered his right hand with both of my hands, caressing it gently, looked him deep into his brown eyes and said "you are very beautiful , YOHIO" then I gave him a thoughkiss with my right hand and told him I loved him (I had said a little more before that I thought he was talented and pretty) . YOHIO blushed again before he continued with the other standing behind me in line and I went from there.
Actually, it was not allowed to bring foods or drinks into the festival and my bag was filled with chocolate, but I pulled all the guards by adding my thick blanket over them, so that there appeared (I removed it then when he got chocolates) and there was also a card with candys on which was written in Swedish (but I write it in English here) :
"To the sweetest guys in the world, Miharu " with a kiss mark .
Then I went to the shop to shop because it was empty of people and I wanted a free poster if I bought something and there was Tommy Rehn YOHIOs dad again and enjoyed a cigarette and when I approached him with a pen and paper and asked if I got his autograph. It went well I lifted the autograph into the air after I kissed it and I thanked him, then I was buying more YOHIO things and stood in the line again.
An another guard : "Oh, one more time?"
Me: "Yes, I bought some more stuff" :heart:
The Guard :"You're so pretty and you are lot a like YOHIO too"
Me: "Thank you so much" :heart:
Then I got more autographs of YOHIO and I talked some more and I took my Iphone to take a pic and YOHIO did a cute pose but the pic was cut cuz my arm was to short. And it all ended with:
Me: "See you in Malmo " (a city where YOHIO will have one of their fall concerts)
YOHIO : Yes, we will! "
After I had packed my things, I saw that he disappeared with his guards , and I thought:
Me: "Oh, it was a short signing!"

With 7 YOHIO autographs and 1 Tommy Rehn autograph with me, I felt that I wanted autographs from Fredrik and JENZiiH too, but unfortunately they were gone and I didnīt see them the rest of the evening, but I was really happy and thought that it wouldnīt be long until it soon was concert time :heart:

Eating: Vegetarian
Drinking: Green tea
Reading: Japanese songs
Listning: YOHIO, DESAIHA, Seremedy and Lady Gaga
Watching: Naruto Shippuden


Babydoll-chan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello everyone!

I’m a Swedish, pinkhaired lolitagirl in my twenties and I’am a huge fan of manga and anime.
And one day I wanna publish my own manga :heart: wish me good luck :giggle:

Just because you were not born in Japan, does not mean that you can become a mangaka!
If you don´t agree with me, so do not forget who you are, regardless of age, gender and origin, I'm cheering for you!

I LOVE to draw old school with manga artists pens like promarkers and copic ciao. The things I draw most is girls (most Naruto characters), death skulls, flowers and wolves :heart:

Here is some info about me:

I´am born 5/3-89 (24 years old)
My height is 1.60 cm and my weight is 50 kg
My Bust, Waist, Hip: 87-68-88 centimeters
My haircolor is a huge mix of blonde, brown, red and orange, but I got a few wigs and my fav is the pink one :heart:
My eyecolor is also a mix: bluegreengrey
I´am a pisces (fishy) ^0^
My birthstone is aquamarine and my guardian planet is Neptune
I really love water, even my real name means "little star of the sea" but it can also mean "little star of sorrow" or "little bitterness" (wtf means little bitterness???)
My name: Oh God....My real name is actually a french old lady name, so lets have my japanese name insted...Miharu meaning "beautiful clear sky" Isnt that pretty :giggle:
My blood type is A+ (yes I do donate)
My fav food: Sushi
My fav drink: Green tea
My fav sweets: Dark chocolate and homemade yoghurt ice cream :heart:
My fav color: Black (but also white, red and dark pink- and purple)
My fav animal: Cats and reptiles
My fav musican: YOHIO :heart:
My fav bands: Seremedy and Desaiha :heart:
My fav manga: Death Note, Bakuman (yes, I love Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata of all my heart) and Nana of course! (I hope Ai Yazawa getting well again)
My fav anime (horror of couse): Elfen Lied, Higurashi. Jiguko Shoujo, Shikabane Hime, Vampire Princess Miyu and Death note.
My fav manga/anime characters: L (death note), Niizuma (Bakuman), Nana Osaki (NANA), Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon), Tenten (Naruto) and Black Rock Shooter (Same name as the manga/anime)
Thing I like to do besides drawing: strength training, running, baking, listen to music and read manga and watch anime and horror movies.
My status: Singel and I like both guys and girlz and if you wanna know I wanna be friends with my future partner liking manga, anime, cosplay and Japan. I do prefer androgynous persons cuz they are the cutest ever :heart:

Btw I´m an aspie (aspergers syndrome), and since I'm a girl, I was diagnosed very late (19 years old) so I've always had to fight all my life to behave and talk like a "normal" person, I have to pretend a lot, but it has never worked well, so please ask me not about my childhood because it is not a success story just.

I don’t care that I'm different. I love myself!
Just like Lady Gaga said: “You were born this way, baby!”
YOHIO cuz he stands for a very good way to be yourself and be proud of it and have just the looks that you want :heart:
Do you love yourself? I certainly hope you do. You are unique! :heart:

I also believe that love is unlimited. I don´t care, if my partner is a guy or a girl. Just as long as I love him / her because I do not fall for their bodies, I fall for the kind souls.

Be proud of yourself, cause no one else are like you!

I'am an uddball, I'am a freak and I'am proud of it!

For more pics and information about me Iam pinkMiHARU on Instagram and KIK :heart:


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